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Adam Clark
Director, Atlantis Quality Homes

Erecting new homes with basement options.
Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project delivering professional expertise maximising useable space.
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We do our best so that your house is a place you never want to leave
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Building efficient houses so you have more money to spend on your family and lifestyle.

Atlantis – Who we are and what you can expect…

Atlantis is building on the sixth generation of family tradesman reaching back to the late 1800s. Established and proudly built on pride, honesty and determination, developments are completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

Built around a team, our mind set, desire to constantly improve and development of our employees filters through to our developments. With this in mind you can expect the highest standards in each detail of the development, constant communication channels and a happy future home owner.

Whether the Atlantis team are working with our clients to creating a dream home, performing a complete property construction refurbishment or multi property development, we are driven by our mission to strive for excellence and outside of the box thinking to make things possible. 

Materials not only have to be fit for purpose, they must be exact in every detail and something we have full confidence in. With our strong supplier relationships in place, we only use material that have all the qualities and characteristics needed for each element of a project. Our supplier network offer an excellent after sale service and will go the extra mile to provide instant technical advice on those unusual and often bespoke construction items.

Charity Fundraising 

After a health scare in 2011 managing director Adam Clark decided he wanted to do more for charity to help people suffering. In 2014 he founded the TeamBanger brand which was for him and his friends to take part in charity adventures raising money, current total raised is just over £35,000. Please click below on the different charity adventures to read about the story and find out more, if you like what you see, start raising money today! 


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Supporting local talent

Atlantis is dedicated to support local talent in the community. We cannot sponsor everyone, but we believe its important to do our part. We are very proud of the people we have sponsored past and present, they have always presented themselves well and worked hard which is very much part of our ethos as a company. 



A Life in construction…

My name is Adam Clark and I am the Managing Director of Atlantis Quality Homes. I was born in 1982 at Rush Green Hospital, Romford and we lived in Dagenham. I practically went straight onto a building site where my father was building a family home in Maylandsea, Essex. 

From the age of 3 I remember walking along the timber planks in kids size 3 wellies. By 5 I had my own plastic wheel barrow moving one brick at a time until disaster happened… the wheel on my wheelbarrow broke. All I wanted for my birthday was a new wheel!

 Carl Nicholson, Michael Miller & Adam Clark in India raising money for Prostate cancer UK.

I grew up very quickly surrounded by bricks and cement, learning all the tools and what they did. We used to have a digger called Desmond, Desmond the digger.  Growing up every tool had a personality name but that’s how you learn by association. At the age of 10 years old I would go to work with my father at weekends, up on the scaffold passing the tools and looking out for holes that I could fall through.

Between the ages of 10 to 12 I learnt all the tool names, what they did and how to look after them. This was a milestone point because my father promised me that once I knew this information I could start to have a go. I spent the next 2 years learning how to use hand tools each Saturday and Sunday completely enjoying myself in the process. At 14 I started to use the circular saw! Looking back now, I understand what a privilege that was as you would never be able to do that with today’s safety standards. 

Something that stands out in my mind was the summer of 1996. I went to work with my father at a huge scout’s HQ, the location I cannot remember but Baden Powells’ sleeping carriage was there. This was the first time I was introduced to price work! We setup the chop saw and I was to cut thousands and thousands of 355mm timber noggins earnings 1p per piece and a trip to Thorpe Park at the weekend!

At 15, my father moved back to East London, our family roots. He was carrying out contracts so I would travel up at weekends, still taking on my Saturday jobs. I remember the first time I loaded a skip, I never ever thought I would get it done. That’s when I learnt about grit and determination, probably the best form of learning about character building. I remember being covered head to toe in black soot as we would work on Victorian houses removing chimney breast, installing new roofs and other repairs. It always fascinated that me that the buildings had basements!

The fascination continued to grow throughout the years. At school, other class mates were making CD racks for their GCSEs, I made a welded wheel clamp for my father’s boat trailer. At 16 decisions had to be made, my father told me to study computers and IT as he thought it would be a better career path. I went to College to study advanced Information Technology, then went onto university to study Multimedia Systems. During this period of time, in the half terms and summer holidays I was travelling up to London on the train and working at the BBC. I worked at BBC broadcasting house, Bush House, Yaulding House (home of BBC radio 1) for a contractor that carried out all the maintenance. I was mainly labouring but also helping various different trades carry out their daily tasks, learning all the time. This provided me essential money to carry out my college and university education. I also had a part time job at the ice rink working for £2.85 per hour helping people up off the ice.

With a business head from an early age, I decided to setup a website and graphic design company called “Atlantis”. It was fun to start with but after 2 years I really couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I went back into construction working on various sites enjoying every minute. In 2006, I took myself to college every Thursday and completed my course qualifying as a Chartered Institute of Building level 4 site manager.

The enthusiasm never stopped, I sub contracted for a small construction company based in Romford, Essex and started my construction management career by overseeing an £800k refurbishment project at Ewing House, Brentwood. This job started off at £500k but with big failings in the mechanical and electrical infrastructure the job became huge. With good guidance and lots of effort overcoming project variations we still managed to hand over the building just one week late. This proved that hard work and dedication gets results. It was a great feeling of success.

In 2007 it was time to be brave as I started to taking on projects with my father. These ranged from barn conversions, to dilapidation works on industrial buildings. Over the next 7 years’ various extensions and new builds were built but the highlight was spending 5 years working in around Ladbrooke Grove, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Holland Park and Maida Vale just to name a few. London brings the best out of contractors, the level of detail, standard of work and demands of affluent clientele really puts a huge demand on the company. We turned out some amazing work which then attracted projects closer to home which cut out the 5 hour round trip of commuting every day.

In 2014 we decided to go our separate ways and that’s when I formed Atlantis Quality Homes Ltd. I wanted to use all this expertise to develop amazing high end efficient houses. With the construction skills and 5 years’ computer science, this has allowed me to implement processes to turn us into a super-efficient business on site and in the office. I never ever forgot the amazement of the basements when I was young, so I researched educating myself and formed a team around me that were strong mentally to carry out such works. In 2015, we purchased our first plot of land and developed an amazing house that had an 108m2 basement underneath.

I absolutely love what we do as we take ideas and turn them into reality, making people’s lives easier and their lifestyles better. It’s hard to classify this as work when you love your job so much. I am absolutely blessed to have some of the best people working in and around the business, it makes my days very pleasant as we all grow together. We have formed a business that has family morals, which creates loyalty. I have no hesitation in pushing staff for training and gaining qualifications. This strengthens the business and gives individuals satisfaction in their own lives. A famous entrepreneur once said “Train people well enough they can leave, treat them so well they do not want to”, we are using them as guidelines in this company.